The Language of Love

Romance.  Idealistic?  I think not.  Romance means different things to different people.  It comes in big and small packages.  It cannot be bought.  It cannot be sold.  It can, however be sprinkled upon the mundane aspects of everyday life.  And it can keep a relationship alive.  And it can annoy those who are missing it in their lives (Get a room!!).

We work and live our daily lives in the routine.  Why not spice up the routine?  Romance can be as simple as listening and responding to your significant.  Before embarking on a romantic quest to sweep someone off of their feet, listen to them, observe them.  Find out what solicits the biggest response from them.  Discover their Love Language.

A person’s Love Language usually manifests itself in the way that they love someone.  People will usually show their love to someone in the way that they themselves wish to be shown love.  If someone is overly affectionate then that is usually how they want to be loved.  If someone is less affectionate but tends to show love in deeds (working together, making dinner, providing transportation, making sure the bills get paid,…) then they most likely wish to be shown love in deeds (doing the chore that they hate to do, packing their lunch in the morning before work,…). Often people may have a combination of different Love Languages.  While deeds solicit a positive response and really do touch to the heart to remind them that they are loved, the physical affection and verbal affirmation may be their primary Language and solicits the largest responses.  We are a complicated species so observation is key to learn how to truly make your loved one feel loved.  Of course a conversation is also a way to find out what makes them feel loved.  It is also less time consuming, and sends the message that you care and want to know if you make them feel loved.

Being with someone who speaks a different Love Language than yourself can be a challenge.  Moving outside of our own comfort zone can be…well…uncomfortable.  However the rewards can be immense.  Having that conversation with your significant other can ensure that attention to Love Language is a two-way street.  It provides a chance for you to, not only, learn more about what makes them feel loved, but also, gives you an opportunity to express what makes you feel loved.

Thus the foundations of the relationship are strengthened.

Now, I myself am a tactile lover and affirmer.  I hug, and hold hands, caress faces, and love kisses, as well as profess verbally of my love and affection.  So likewise I want those things in return.  So here is the place in which I wish to share with the world my dreams of love and affection…

..through poetry.  Cliche’? Perhaps.  But if you truly believe that love conquers all, why not put a little love into your world?