Who is this guy?

My name is Philip.  Divorced.  Me and the Ex-wife couldn’t accommodate each other’s love language I guess.  However being together for nearly 20 years has given me something to reflect upon.

I know now how I want to be loved.  I know now what I do not want in my significant other.  I know now what I need to change within myself to be a better significant other.  Hopefully here you can find hope and encouragement toward being a better…for lack of better words….lover…or romancer….or just a better significant other.  I mean who doesn’t want their loved ones to feel loved?

However, I see all in Love and Death like others see things in Black and White.  Here is where you will find what I see in Love.  To see what I see in Death see Echoes In The Darkness

I do ask one thing from you…. If you quote something that you read here elsewhere on the mighty world wide web internet thingy, please give credit where credit is due and link your quote back to this blog. Thank you very much.

UPDATE:  I have found someone who loves like I love, loves ME like I need to be loved.  And accepts the love that I offer, as she needs to be loved the way in which I naturally express love.  And I have NEVER been happier.


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