Her smile

That brightens a day

And burns in my head

Reminding me of love


Her eyes

That caress my soul

Showing me wonder and joy

When she takes me within


Her voice

That echoes within me

In my body, soul, and mind

Embracing my heart


Her hands

That reach for me at night

Warming me inside and out

Holding me in arms of love


Her hair

That shines with radiance

Matched only by the sun and the moon

So soft across my hands and face


Her face

That looks upon me compassionately

That winks at me playfully

That seduces me and draws me in


Her skin

That softens to my touch

Warming in my hands and on my face

Giving against my body to inhabit my soul


Her heart

That cries for me across the barren plains

Of every mind running lost in agony

And longs to calm my inner turmoil


Her soul

That envelops me wholly

And carries me to the far reaches of forever

Running wildly hand in hand with mine

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